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Aluminum outer door skin left Fiat 124 Spider CSA

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Product information "Aluminum outer door skin left Fiat 124 Spider CSA"

Türaußenhaut Material Aluminium, auch für AS,BS,CS,CS1 verwendbar

Category: Carbody parts, Doors
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Manufacturer Model Type
FIAT 124 Spider
BS (1400)
BS1 (1600)
CS (1600)
CS0 (2000)
CS1 (1800)
CS2 (2000)
CSA (1800)

During installation, make sure that has the door frame to prevent corrosion, a thick layer of paint in the contact area. For the connection between

frame and door skin, we use PU sealing compound (Article Nr.:1090001). This also acts as an insulator and seals at the bottom of the seam from the inside, so that no water can store more between the door skin and door frame. Since the sealant takes about 12 hours for their final strength, the door skin has to be fixed to the frame so at this time, that this can not be displaced. to pay attention to the Türspaltmaß before final fixation.