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Deposit items / exchange items

Deposit items are goods that have a deposit value in the order information that you have to pay when you buy them. Deposit items are, for example, steering gear, starter, generator, brake caliper, drive shaft, injection nozzle, high-pressure pump. Deposit is charged to ensure long-term availability of spare parts.

After receiving a replacement item, please send the defective, complete old part back to us. Old deposit items must be sent to us at your expense. Please ensure that all liquids are completely drained! The old parts must be in a condition that can be remanufactured. Old parts must not have any breakages and must arrive in one piece, complete with no missing individual parts, so that the deposit amount can be refunded.

After receiving your item, we will check its condition. The processing time is usually less than two weeks. After successful verification, we will send you back the deposit amount you paid. This only happens via the payment method you have chosen.

If old parts are returned that have breaks in the housing, a break in the drive shaft or differences in current/performance, the deposit cannot be refunded or additional costs will be charged.


Air flow meter (Art. No. 1164108): If the throttle valve inside the air flow meter is deformed or bent, the part cannot be overhauled and the deposit cannot be refunded!

Steering column switch DS/VX Fiat 124 Spider (Art. No. 1182012): If the toggle switch for the parking light is missing or damaged, the steering column switch cannot be overhauled and the deposit cannot be refunded!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance!

You can find more information about returns here: How does a return work?