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About us

Arnold Classic GmbH

With our 15-head-strong team, we offer over 30 years of experience in the repair- and restoration-process of classic Fiats and other vintage cars, especially the 124 Spider models. Based in Lauenau in northern Germany, the Arnold Classic GmbH is specialized in selling Fiat 124 Spider spare parts, as well as buying and selling vintage cars.

Our Story and what we want to accomplish

Our founder and managing director Mr. Arnold is in the classic car business for more than 30 years now. With all of his experience in repairing and restoring classic Fiat Spider models, he did not just realize yesterday that the spare part market for those cars is not an easy one. In fact parts for likely any vintage car are mostly hard to find as most manufacturers do not support parts for their cars for a long period of time. His vision was to revive the market for 124 Spider parts to keep these beautiful classics on the road. For years Mr. Arnold sold the parts through a catalogue, taking orders on the phone. The main goal always was to provide a place where our customers can find anything and everything for their Spiders. Out of that vision came the idea to build a web shop, specifically for Fiat 124 Spider parts.


Arnold Classic


How are we able to supply parts for our customers?

Finding rare parts can be quite a challenge. While most wear parts are still relatively easy to find, it gets a lot harder when it comes to specific things needed for e.g a full restoration. Such parts like sheet metal parts, bearing shells, wiper motors or other specific electrical parts can only be found through remaining stocks of specialists or on conventions. Some parts still remain to be undetectable and have to be reproduced.
Our in-house saddlery belonging to the Arnold Liebhaberfahrzeuge company also is an important institution in the procurement process. Almost all of our leather products and carpets are handcrafted by ourselves, which is not only a good thing for us, but also for our customers as they receive products of a unique high-quality standard.


For more information go to: www.arnold-classic.com