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Repair panel for wheel arch right rear 150mm height Fiat 124 Spider

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Product information "Repair panel for wheel arch right rear 150mm height Fiat 124 Spider"

Sheet metal part deep-drawn and primed, approx. 45 mm higher than standard sheet metal.

For the right side in the direction of travel.

Spare Parts Category: Carbody parts, Reparaturbleche
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Manufacturer Model Type
FIAT 124 Spider
AS (1400)
BS (1400)
BS1 (1600)
CS (1600)
CSA (1800)
CS1 (1800)
CS2 (2000)
CS0 (2000)
DS (2000)
VX (2000)

If not, the original wheel arch in the vehicle can also be art. No .: used 1,112,024th

In most cases in the US models and in some cases also Euro spidering is the outer wheel arch Article Nr.:1110083 In the area of ??contact with the wheel arch and slightly higher in the arched reinforcement ( heavily rusted only US models) since original color or never wax was introduced at this point. Here you should be sure to replace both parts in order to achieve a permanent repair.

We will in the body in such a case only the wheel arch on the side panel (marked so that you can then guarantee a perfect fit) then cut the wheel arch as far as necessary. Now the outer wheel well, if not caused by rust affected cm to about 3 before Verbindungsfals to the inner wheel arch. Then the wheel arch is adjusted deposed the side part with an offsetting pliers. Both contact surfaces are made metallic blank and treated with spot weld primer, both parts are now connected by spot welding together. Now the new wheel arch is adjusted. Before it is used, tinning we make the transition from wheel arch to the side part to here a metal interconnect. Wheel arch and wheel well will now be primed in the region of the later is no longer accessible once and anschießend the junction of the wheel arch and the side part is provided with paint, we additionally now with a sealing Pu sealed. Contact point to the wheel arch and wheel well of new wheel well to wheel well old will now be made bare metal (in the width of 1 cm) now points of contact welding point primer is applied to the bare and the wheel house used by spot welding (as original). The crossing points will now be painted again in two steps. In the wheel Pu Sealant is additionally applied during the transition. After painting the vehicle / side part underbody protection is introduced into the wheel house from the inside of the wheel arch and is flooded or with wax. After the treatment we have to date not make the wheel arch with renewed rust had.

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