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Bearing for propeller shaft 66-85 Fiat 124 Spider/Coupé

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  • 1176037
  • 55120, 5950748, 4181556
  • Replication
Product information "Bearing for propeller shaft 66-85 Fiat 124 Spider/Coupé"

Gummilager Kardanwelle Achtung für die Montage benötigt man noch das Kugellager Mittellager Artikel Nr.:1176038 und ein Kreuzgelenk Artikel Nr.:1176040

Montagehinweis Beachten !!

Category: Cardan shaft / Differential
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Manufacturer Model Type
FIAT 124 Limousine
FIAT 124 Spider
AS (1400)
BS (1400)
BS1 (1600)
CS (1600)
CS0 (2000)
CS1 (1800)
CS2 (2000)
CSA (1800)
DS (2000)
VX (2000)

Note: When disassembling, make sure that one before dismantling of the universal joint, and before disassembly of the center bearing pin, to accurately marks with a punch or a