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Toothed belt 1400 Fiat 124 Spider / Coupe (144 teeth)

Toothed belt 1400 Fiat 124 Spider / Coupe (144 teeth)

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Product information "Toothed belt 1400 Fiat 124 Spider / Coupe (144 teeth)"

Zahnriemen 144 Zähne breite 19 mm für 1400er Modelle 66-71


Category: Engine
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Manufacturer Model Type
FIAT 124 Spider
AS (1400)
BS (1400)

Changing and tensioning of the timing belt

To replace and tension the belt, proceed according to instructions below and as illustrated in the figures on the next page: < ol>

  • exact setting of the control and the PTO shaft control
  • the camshaft gears and the gears with the tool A.60139 (10) block
  • block the crankshaft, so it that can
  • the nut (7) and the screw (6) to loosen not rotate and the idler bearing plate (2) so adjusted that the tension of the toothed belt is excreted then above tighten the nut and screw again
  • toothed belt Replace
  • nut (7) and screw (6) of new loose in these ratios is the spring (3) draw the idler bearing plate (2) and thus tension the belt
  • nut (7) and screw (6) block again
  • the loosening of the idler bearing plate (2) two or repeat three times, each time the engine by about 1 / 2-3 / 4 turns his rotation turn
  • as then control the exact setting of the control and the power take off shaft

    < strong> NOTE

    When pressing on the toothed belt is particularly important to ensure that he does not suffer any kinks, which would affect its structure. The tension of the belt is controlled with the device A.95749 / 2.

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